Fix CPanel account permission and ownership

Fix CPanel account permission and ownership issue with below script, save below code as and run it as mentioned below. You can run the script from any location of the server (Like /root /home /usr/local/src), it will only fix the CPanel account permission issues.

for i in `ls -A /var/cpanel/users` ; do ./ $i ; done

./ username


# Script to fix permissions of accounts
# Written by: Vanessa Vasile 5/13/10

if [ “$#” -lt “1” ];then
echo “Must specify user”


for user in $USER

HOMEDIR=$(egrep “^${user}:” /etc/passwd | cut -d: -f6)

if [ ! -f /var/cpanel/users/$user ]; then
echo “$user user file missing, likely an invalid user”

elif [ “$HOMEDIR” == “” ];then
echo “Couldn’t determine home directory for $user”



echo “Setting ownership for user $user”

chown -R $user:$user $HOMEDIR
chmod 711 $HOMEDIR
chown $user:nobody $HOMEDIR/public_html $HOMEDIR/.htpasswds
chown $user:mail $HOMEDIR/etc $HOMEDIR/etc/*/shadow $HOMEDIR/etc/*/passwd

echo “Setting permissions for user $USER”

find $HOMEDIR -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \; -print
find $HOMEDIR -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \; -print
find $HOMEDIR -type d -name cgi-bin -exec chmod 755 {} \; -print
find $HOMEDIR -type f \( -name “*.pl” -o -name “*.perl” \) -exec chmod 755 {} \; -print

chmod 750 $HOMEDIR/public_html

if [ -d “$HOMEDIR/.cagefs” ]; then
chmod 775 $HOMEDIR/.cagefs
chmod 700 $HOMEDIR/.cagefs/tmp
chmod 700 $HOMEDIR/.cagefs/var
chmod 777 $HOMEDIR/.cagefs/cache
chmod 777 $HOMEDIR/.cagefs/run


Thanks for the wonderful script

Credits: Vanessa Vasile



Disclaimer: This script is not owned or created by me and it’s shared for knowledge purpose. The credits goes to actual creator and


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